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The Caroti family is delighted to announce the opening of another new place to stay on the first floor of the family's palace where, on the second floor there is the "Meublè il Riccio" which has been open twenty-eight years ago.

The "Riccio Suite" has five beautiful bedrooms with panoramic view and old fashion Tuscan style furniture.


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Meublé Il Riccio  
  Situated in the oldest street of Montepulciano, very close to the heart of the old town with its cathedral, the Town Hall and the most beautiful renaissance palazzi, the Meublé IL RICCIO offers its guests elegantly furnished rooms...
Meublé Il Riccio  
  “In Montepulciano, from 1080, there lived a noble and wealthy family known as de’Pucci, who in the years to come would provide their country with many men who became illustrious in the field of science, the army, the magistrature and in the church...
Meublé Il Riccio  
  Montepulciano stands at the top of an hill between the Orcia and the Chiana Val leys, near the border between Tuscany and Umbria regions, in an area of great naturalistic, artistic and historical interest. The town, called the “Pearl of the Cinquecento” because of the beauty...